11931 Old CCC Camp Rd, Chatsworth, GA 30705
April 3, 2021

The Shakerag Shakeup / Shakedown

A Run the Cohuttas - Corvus Racing Multisport Event!

So let’s get real...it turns out it’s awesome to love more than one sport! Run the Cohuttas and Corvus Racing are excited to announce an event that blends running and gravel racing together! Runners and bikers will not only be able to share the course but also be able to support each other as the running/riding gets tough. And, well, it certainly will do that!

This is a “last body standing/riding” event.

In the Cohuttas.

Yeah….you guessed it….this is gonna be hard as…. !!

Sound fun? Here are the basics...

When? April 3, 2021 8am

Where? DNR Check Station on CCC Camp Rd

What’s the cost? $75 per runner/rider

What’s the course?

At this point, we’re planning on folks either riding or running but not both. This might be something we do for the future, though, so if this idea appeals to you, let us know so we can gauge interest.

Counter-clockwise: Shakerag Shakedown - A bike ride in Gilmer County, GA (ridewithgps.com)
Clockwise: Shakerag Shakeup - A bike ride in Gilmer County, GA (ridewithgps.com)

Loop cut-off for cyclists: 1.5 hrs - riders ride 2 loops then change direction for the next 2 loops
Loop cut-off for runners: 2.5 hrs - runners alternate loop direction each loop

Course marking: There will be big arrows pointing the way for folks.

Who’s the Last Runner/Cyclist?
The last person has to complete a solo lap in the allotted time after all the other participants have dropped/been pulled. The last person’s distance needs to exceed that of the other racers and not simply represent a willingness to continue.

Aid/SAG: If you have specific nutritional needs, please bring those items.

Unsupported racers may set up support (a chair/small table/area) near the Start/Finish.

Clif Bar “sponsorship” - we will try to score us some bars and Bloks.

Bicyclists will be responsible for their own mechanical stuff. Make sure you have tools and spare stuff as your bike requires.

Yes, but only at the Start/Finish. If your crew gets bored easily, there are plenty of trails to hike/ride that connect to the course, but they are not allowed to help you anywhere but the Start/Finish. DUE TO PARKING LIMITATIONS, crews may need to park elsewhere but may unload/load at the Start/Finish. If you are staying at an AirBnB/house rental that's physically on-course, you may set up a support spot where you're staying. If you're staying at Mulberry Gap, check with them on locations to setup a chair that don't involve you trudging up and down their driveway each loop.

Pacing: No.

Drop-bags: No.

SWAG: Runner/Rider tracking:
Only manual for safety reasons. The Shakerag Shakeup/Shakedown is meant to be a weekend of grassroots trail running and gravel riding. Although parts of the course have great cell reception, it's a hassle to have volunteers work with hotspots and timing devices when they really need to be helping participants.

Places to stay:
You’ll run/ride past Mulberry Gap Adventure Basecamp (Mulberry Gap Adventure Basecamp - Ellijay, GA) every loop, so this is a great option for you and your crew/family. (Ok, so maybe not for YOU so much….) There is a 2-night minimum stay requirement. They love riders and runners and are used to all the dirt and smells that accompany us.

They also serve meals, which must be ordered in advance. Again, probably an awesome option for your support but not so helpful for you as the racer. :)

Fort Mountain State Park (Fort Mountain State Park | Department Of Natural Resources Division (gastateparks.org) is just up the highway. They have cabins and tent-sites.

There are also plenty of rental properties in the area, some of which are actually on the course. we know AirBnB has a couple of places on course.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let me know! The RDs will need a break - we can’t stay awake for that long!

Available jobs include aid manning, parking, checking on the Little Chapel aid point, and shuttling participants if there is a problem. As thank you, volunteers get free entry into any event we put on within a year of volunteering. Volunteer gifts include racer swag and a comp entry to the 2021 Rabun Half Marathon in June, the 2022 Shakedown/Shakeup, or other 2021 Run the Cohuttas event.

USFS and local permits are in progress and this event will be insured.

Run the Cohuttas and Corvus Racing are local grassroots organizations and cannot offer refunds, transfers, or deferments. Every registration fee goes toward the betterment of this and other Run the Cohuttas and Corvus Racing events as well as the on-going trail maintenance efforts on and off the Bearhoti courses. We cannot issue refunds if the race gets cancelled due to inclement weather. Your understanding is appreciated!

Day-of registration is allowed - CASH-ONLY. Just add $5 because my ability to make change will be limited. So just round up a little!

The deadline to register and be GUARANTEED a T-shirt and other swaggy items is March 19.

Covid Considerations:
Please give this link a look to see what we're doing to reduce the possible transmission of Covid-19: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ktSyyO-86nTPyU0cFhs711QxfKnPmrK60OSE99-NAk/edit?usp=sharing This applies to all Run the Cohuttas events as well as the Rabun Half Marathon, so if you read something that doesn't quite make sense for this race, that's why.

Time/mileage/gain chart: